Our idea of architecture is a special one that we often realized successfully in many concstruction projects. We always strive towards a clear expression which reacts to the respective needs of our customers. Attractive architecture from an economic point means creative design of living spaces with a high cost certainty.

Of course, representative architecture looks different than economic architecture but quite contrary to that it does not mean that economic architecture cannot be designed in a demanding way.

Project Management

The Management of construction measures comprises organisation, implementation and control of all steps needed for being successful. Once an objective is set, our work is measured by success.We assume the task of planning architecture, coordinating special engineering and completing adjustment with public authorities. We take it for granted to provide attractive offers, work out a deal for our clients and check deadlines as well as the quality of construction.

We assume all of a constructors duties and in doing so, we release (disburden) the client (principal) with our intensive and professional consulting. We also support you in compiling a financial concept and arranging an agreement with your bank.

Project Development

We develop projects from the outset.You have an idea or any property? Or you want to invest in a real estate project? We have the know-how and the experience to help you by realizing your project. Whatever you like to bring in, well complete the project.

Concerning project development we don´t regard ourselves as an agent fulfilling the principals request but, furthermore, as an active partner being paid performance-related (with incentive wage). For this reason we only undertake project developments that have any chance to succeed.